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Breathe freely again.

The CELON method can help with

chronically blocked noses.

Patient experiences

"All is quiet again"

"My snoring had become unbearable for my wife, so she often slept in another room. The procedure itself wasn't a problem for me, the pain afterwards was bearable with the right medication. My wife and I are very happy with the result, all is quiet again and we can both sleep in peace in our bedroom. Thank you."

Gerhard P*, age 67

"My daughter is sleeping soundly again"

"My daughter, who is now six, has only been talking through her nose for years, and every night she snored like a 'grown-up'. There were problems even when she was breathing normally - nasal spray did not help at all. My daughter coped really well with the procedure, she already felt fine on the way home, without any pain. Only a short while later, we had a completely different child; she now breathes quietly and gently, sleeps soundly, and has even stopped talking nasally. My daughter is a happy, lively child."

Kristin M.*, age 33

"A new lease on life"

"I was sick of being sick all the time with a blocked nose. I could hardly breathe through my nose even while sitting, and I could only sleep using nasal spray. I was finally symptom-free after the procedure, and still am to this day. I recommend trading in the short time the treatment takes for a new lease on life."

Sylvia O*, age 39

"I can recommend this procedure."

"I slept poorly for years and was negatively impacted by it. I simply could not breathe through my nose. I breathed through my mouth mostly, accompanied by heavy snoring. I have always shied away from major surgery. I heard about the CELON method from my doctor, and researched it thoroughly on the Internet. I thought it was a good alternative. A year after the successful procedure on my nose, which also lessened my snoring, I decided to undergo palate stretching, tonsillotomy, and uvulopalatoplasty. I can also recommend these treatments to anyone with these problems. It really helped me, and I can finally breathe easily and sleep restfully."

Dave C.*, 38 years old

"There was no problem with the surgery"

"Because of my many allergies, my 'nose problem' developed in recent years. In the end I had difficulty breathing and slept poorly. Because the the high amount of nasal spray, my nose felt 'broken'. With the surgery behind me I feel really good. I can finally breathe deeply again. And the procedure itself wasn't bad at all. There was no pain."

Lena K.*, 31 years old

"I wish I had discovered the CELON method much sooner"

“My nose was always blocked, exertion left me short of breath, and I slept badly due to the snoring. This led to generalized fatigue and lack of drive, which had a negative impact on my whole lifestyle. I wish I had discovered the CELON method much sooner. The procedure was painless and easy to tolerate. Afterwards, I felt better again, and can even breathe through my nose again when I go jogging."

Thomas W.*, age 29

* Names changed editorially.