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Breathe freely again.

The CELON method can help with

chronically blocked noses.

Chronic blocked nose?

The gentle CELON method relieves your chronic blocked nose, so you can finally breathe freely again, and enjoy life using all your senses. The approximately 15-minute procedure requires no hospital stay.

No sniffing, but your nose is blocked?

Sniffing goes away quickly. However, an increasing number of people are suffering from an ongoing 'blocked' nose. The reason for this is often a chronically inflamed nasal mucous membrane. This can lead to the muscles inside the nose expanding. A tight passage, which rarely disappears of its own accord.

Those affected often complain of difficulty breathing through the nose, snoring at night, loss of smell and taste, and an increased tendency towards headaches. And as chronically inflamed nasal mucous membranes can often only perform their function as filters to a limited extent, there is an increased risk of susceptibility to colds and other infections.

The trigger for a chronically inflamed nasal mucous membrane is often breathing dry or polluted air, and pollen or household dust for those with allergies.

The good news: chronically inflamed nasal muscles can usually be treated using a minimally invasive method.

What can my doctor do?

The aim of treatment with the CELON method is to reduce nasal muscles back to their normal size with targeted thermal therapy. The nasal mucous membrane on the outer surface of the nasal muscles, which is so important for filtering and purifying breathing air, will still remain intact.

The minimally invasive procedure can generally be carried out by your ENT doctor under local anaesthetic. The entire treatment usually lasts no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. The results of the treatment can usually be felt after a few days; many patients can breathe normally again using the CELON method.

At the beginning of treatment for snoring, you should always get the exact diagnosis from your doctor, and an individually customized treatment recommendation for it.

What are the benefits for me?

  • Outpatient treatment: generally under local anesthetic
  • Short procedure time: just a few minutes per treatment
  • Targeted thermal therapy for the tissue needing treatment
  • Protection of nasal mucous membrane (important for immune function)
  • Usually no effects on quality of life after the treatment
  • Treatment can be repeated if needed

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