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The CELON method can help with

chronically blocked noses.

CELON treatment

Often, the smallest things have the largest effects; a constantly blocked nose can be torture, especially at night. Chronic snoring is a danger to health, and will lessen your quality of life, as well as your partner's.

In such cases, the doctor can use the CELON method. For this, he uses a radiofrequent current to shrink the excess tissue from the nasal muscles, base of the tongue, gums, and other areas in a controlled and gentle manner. The body then removes the tissue treated itself, while the healthy tissue surrounding the area shrinks, and stabilizes itself within a few weeks.

The Outpatient Procedure

The doctor inserts a special, thin applicator in the area that needs treatment, and gently warms it from the inside using the radiofrequent current. Usually, a local anesthetic is enough for the outpatient procedure, which generally lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

The Therapeutic Effect

The healthy tissue surrounding the area shrinks and stabilises itself within a few weeks. The treated areas may swell up slightly in the first few days after treatment. In the days following treatment, there may also be a foreign body sensation, as well as slight pain in the treated areas. Snoring may also become heavier in the first few days following treatment. After about two weeks, the treated tissue has fully shrunk and stabilised.

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